AS208907 practices an open peering policy which means that we peer with everyone who wants to peer with us. While we do not require any kind of written contract, you must follow these rules:

  • Peers may only send traffic from their own and downstream networks to us.

  • Peers may only send traffic to destinations announced by AS208907.

  • Peers must not configure static or default routes to our routers.

  • Peers must operate a Network Operations Center (NOC) reachable by email.

  • Peers must keep their IRR and registry data up to date at any time.

  • Peers shall enforce a strict routing policy to avoid route leaks.

  • Peers shall aggregate their routes to avoid routing table inflation.

  • Peers should cooperate in any case of abuse.


Peerings are possible at the following points of presence:


Peering with AS208907 is cost-neutral for both parties.

Routing & Filtering

Please note the following preferences and technical information before entering a peering with us:

  • Prefixes are filtered against IRR (RIPE, APNIC, RADB, etc.) and RPKI.

  • Prefixes shorter than a /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6) will be filtered.

  • Prefixes with private or other invalid ASNs in AS_PATH will be filtered.

  • Prefixes with private address space (RFC1918, RFC4193) will be filtered.

  • Prefixes pointing to well-known bogon addresses will be filtered.

  • Prefixes with invalid NEXT_HOP attribute will be filtered.

  • We support usage of the GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN community.

  • We configure an individual prefix limit for all peering sessions.


AS208907 originates the following prefixes:

  • 2001:678:994::/48



No explicit SLA is guaranteed. This network operates on a best-effort basis.

Want to peer?

Great! Send a mail to Include your ASN, your prefix limit count and your preferred peering location.


Whenever two peering contacts meet in person they are encouraged to raise glases in a toast to their successful peering.

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